During the winter months, it’s easy to feel like you’re swapping out holiday decorations every other weekend to stay festive for all the events that keep us bright and merry through the coldest time of the year. If this is you, then you’ve probably discovered how frustrating it can be to untangle lights, make sure decoration sets have all of their pieces, or even find the decoration box you’re looking for in the first place.

While organizing and carefully packing your decorations solves a lot of issues at the end of the holiday season, having a dedicated storage space helps you keep your decorations out of the way but in a safe, accessible place for next year. If you’re in search of a clean, convenient, and easily accessible location in Mattapoisett to rent a storage space for your decor, seasonal clothing, outdoor gear, or other belongings, contact Mattapoisett Self Storage. We offer a variety of unit sizes to accommodate your needs.

Invest in Plastic Bins

One of the best ways to store belongings is in sturdy plastic bins. Plastic containers protect your belongings from moisture, sunlight if they’re opaque bins, and are a more uniform shape that can be safely stacked.

Plastic bags don’t offer much protection for your belongings, and cardboard boxes aren’t much better. Cardboard breaks down after a while and will absorb any spilled liquids, potentially ruining whatever you’ve packed away.

Before purchasing your plastic bins, take inventory of the different decorations you need to store. Make sure you purchase large enough bins for statue-size decor, and start organizing how you want to store everything. You don’t want to purchase more bins than you need.

Protect Breakable Items

The sparkling, colored lights around your home brighten up your life during the darkest months of the year, so taking care of them should be a priority if you want to lighten up your winter year after year. Lights aren’t the only breakable items in your collection of decor, though, so it’s important to learn how to safely protect everything — paying special attention to particularly fragile items.

If a piece of decor comes with packing foam, hang onto those pieces to store them with after the holiday. If you don’t have the original foam, then packing peanuts or bubble wrap will keep your items protected.

Larger decorations can also be wrapped in moving blankets or thick towels so that they don’t scratch other items when stored away. Hang onto any instructions for your decor because it likely has tips or directions for properly storing things.

When you have all of your fragile decor properly packed, store them somewhere they won’t be damaged. A storage space is optimal because items are less likely to be damaged by water or moisture, and the only person in the space will be you! Contact Mattapoisett Self Storage today to learn more about the amenities we offer.

Wrap Cords — and Keep Them Wrapped

String lights, tinsel, and wreaths — oh my! One of the biggest struggles people run into unpacking and repacking holiday decorations is the disaster that is knotted lights and tinsel. 

While wrapping your stringy decor helps, there’s no stopping it from coming unraveled and getting tangled once it’s packed away. It’s a good idea to invest in zip ties, velcro straps, or even yarn to tie your neatly wrapped cords and string decor together. This will keep things tidier while you pack, as well as simplify the decorating process when you’re ready to break out your decor next season. 

Label & Color Code

Whether you have stickers, use a sharpie, or have your very own label maker, it’s easier to know what’s packed in which bins by labeling them rather than digging through them. Color coding also adds another level of organization to your belongings in storage so you can quickly narrow down which bins to look at.

Choose colors that you identify with each holiday. Orange, purple, and black are classic Halloween colors for all of your spooky decorations; orange, red, yellow, and brown are good Thanksgiving colors; and blue, white, red, and green are festive for Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year!

Designate a Storage Space

It does you no good to have all of your holiday decorations organized and neatly packed away if you don’t have a place to store everything. Don’t clutter up your closets or garage with all of your festive decor — designate a storage space that’s roomy and allows you to easily store, find, and move around your decorations and belongings.

At Mattapoisett Self Storage, we offer a variety of storage unit sizes and amenities to keep your favorite holiday decorations safe during the off-season. Contact us today for more information or if you’d like to rent a storage space.