If you’re looking into renting a storage space for belongings you’ve been storing in your Mattapoisett home, it’s important to consider a few factors before deciding on a space. You want to make sure the unit is big enough for everything you want to store, that the storage space is easily accessible when you need to get to your belongings, and that the unit is climate-controlled to keep your belongings in good condition while you aren’t using them.

Learn more about how climate control protects your belongings, and contact Mattapoisett Self Storage today to reserve one of our climate-controlled units.

Prevents Color Fade

When it comes to preserving the color and texture of your belongings — whether they’re clothes, furniture, or even a vehicle — the light is their biggest foe. Part of climate control is making sure belongings are kept in a storage space that doesn’t see more light than it needs to; this includes natural and artificial light.

By keeping your belongings in a dark space, this keeps the colors and texture of your belongings intact. You won’t be wondering why your red sweater is suddenly pinkish, why your wooden coffee table looks a few shades lighter, or why your entertainment center looks dried out.

At Mattapoisett Self Storage, we offer a variety of climate-controlled units so that you can keep as much — or as little — as you need in a dark storage space.

Prevents Warping

Another enemy of your precious belongings is heat. While you might think it’s easy enough to just put all of your belongings in the storage shed, garage, or attic, these locations tend to experience the greatest fluctuation in temperature.

Hot summers in a storage space that isn’t climate-controlled can cause your belongings to warp and age quickly. The heat can dry out wood finishes, warp mirrors and picture frames, and can even melt certain materials with a low melting point.

When you choose a storage space that is climate-controlled, though, you’re ensuring that your belongings stay within a certain temperature range to keep them in good condition. 

At Mattapoisett Self Storage, we keep our climate-controlled units air conditioned in summer and heated in winter, so you’ll never find your things melting or frozen.

Keeps Belongings Dry

While warping and color fade are definitely things to avoid when storing your belongings, one of the worst things that your clothes, furniture, vehicle, or other belongings could be exposed to is moisture. 

Not only does excess moisture cause mold and mildew, but it also attracts pests. Imagine returning to your storage space to retrieve your winter clothes, only to find that they are damp, chewed through by bugs, and covered in rodent droppings? This would be enough to throw everything out and buy new clothes instead of trying to clean these ones.

Moisture can ruin furniture by creating uneven warping, stains, and causing it to rot if there’s enough water present. Again, moisture attracts pests, which means you could be looking through the drawers of that office desk in storage only to find a colony of insects have made a home within them.

Vehicles aren’t immune to moisture either — especially older vehicles constructed of metal. Water causes metal to rust and erode — the last thing that you want to have happen to your prized classic car. 

When you rent a climate-controlled unit, moisture is not an issue because, along with temperature, the humidity is maintained so that your items stay dry. Take a look at our different types and sizes of storage spaces to pick the perfect one for your belongings.

Ask Us Questions

If you’re unsure about whether or not your belongings need to be kept in a climate-controlled unit, feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Tell us what you’d like to store, and then we can help you pick out the right storage space for you.

We offer drive-up storage spaces that aren’t climate-controlled, but are easy to access, climate-controlled units that are accessible indoors, and parking for vehicles, RVs, boats, and trailers.

Check out the other features available with our storage spaces, the availability of our units, and contact us to reserve a storage space at Mattapoisett Self Storage.