Many people think of storage units as temporary storage that is used only when you’re moving or a relative has died, leaving behind a ton of stuff that you need to sort through before holding a garage sale. Did you know self storage units can also be used to house items in your home that you don’t use very often, if at all? Mattapoisett Self Storage is the best 24-hour storage facility in the Mattapoisett area. Below, we’ll list items you can store at a storage facility instead of at your home. Contact us today!


  • Furniture. Do you have furniture you haven’t sat on or used for months that is just one more item you have to dust? What about furniture in your basement that is only used by the cats? If you want to keep your furniture instead of selling it, placing your furniture in a storage facility will open up your home and give you more room to fill it with wanted items, such as another train set your son needs for entertainment purposes.
  • Electronics. Do you have a copier that is sitting and hasn’t been used in a while? What about old phones, TV sets, fax machines, and radios? Placing these items in a storage facility will free up your shelves to place family photos, books, and mementos from family trips.
  • Appliances. Did you move recently and end up with an extra refrigerator or dryer? Do you want to keep these because either your dryer or refrigerator is old and need a backup, or you have plans to use these appliances at some point in the future? Appliances take up a lot of space in your garage that you could be using to park your vehicle in, which is especially important in the winter months.
  • Important documents and paperwork. Are you a business that must keep employee records, past taxes, receipts, and other documentation? Do you have an important stamp collection, baseball card collection, or photos from your grandmother you want to keep safe? Mattapoisett Self Storage offers climate-controlled storage units to keep humidity down and your important paperwork in tip-top shape.
  • Artwork or family heirlooms. Did your grandfather leave you a grandfather clock? Do you own artwork that you just don’t have the space to hang? Do you hunt and have a lot of taxidermy items you just don’t have the room to store anymore? Our climate-controlled storage units will keep all of your important and meaningful items safe and protected from the elements.

Mattapoisett Self Storage is a 24-hour storage facility that offers storage for your needs, from small storage units to large storage units. We offer secure storage with surveillance cameras to capture any suspicious activity as well as climate-controlled storage units to store your important documents, artwork, or antiques. We are family-owned and operated, and we take pride in offering you friendly service. Our self storage includes vehicle storage as well as parking for boats, RVs, and trailers. Electricity and water are also available for your convenience. If you’re in the Mattapoisett area and have a large number of items you are not using, consider storing them with us. Contact us today for available storage units!