If you think about it, your garage would make the perfect woodshop. It’s the perfect size, has all the outlets already installed that you will need for your tools, has a great door you can open for air, and won’t get your home dirty with all your wood shavings and metal bits around. If you love to tinker, to make things, and to just work with your hands, your garage would make the perfect woodshop. However, you have one problem: your garage is full of stuff.

So, you hop on the internet, and search “self storage near me” to solve your problem. And Mattapoisett Self Storage comes up as the best self storage facility around. We offer the best climate controlled storage units at the best storage rental prices. Continue reading for tips on how to make your garage into a woodshop, and then contact us today!


  1. Clean out your garage. For a woodshop, you will need space to work. You can’t maneuver around old toys from your kids, bicycles, boxes, plastic storage containers, and old China plates. Plus, you need to clean out your garage so you can see your space more clearly and design how you want to layout your woodshop. Mattapoisett Self Storage recommends renting a storage unit to store all of the belongings you want to keep. This way, you’ll have the space you need and have all of your belongings close by. With easy 24-hour access in the Mattapoisett area, our secure storage is perfect for Christmas decorations, lawn ornaments, seasonal items, such as yard rakes, and items you just want to keep, such as old photographs. We excel at customer service, so give us a call today.
  2. Layout your woodshop. When you are planning where to put your workbench and tool box (the two biggest components of your woodshop), you’ll want to note where your electrical outlets are, as these will be crucial for all of your power tools, lighting, and other electrical needs. You might want to put in an AC unit, a radio, TV, CNC machines, 3D printers, and even your computer. Mattapoisett Self Storage notes that you can really never have enough outlets, so you may want to call in an electrician before you get all of your woodshop equipment set up.
  3. Invest in task lighting. Most garages just come with a horrible overhead light that does little more than dim your garage. When you are working with wood and machines, you’ll need detailed lighting in order to see what you are doing. Installing track lighting in your garage will allow you to work in comfort and style.
  4. Invest in heating and cooling. Let’s face it, no one likes to work in a freezing garage or a 100 degree garage. Most garages are not insulated. Mattapoisett Self Storage recommends that you invest in insulation in your garage and in some heating and cooling solutions as well.
  5. Let the work begin!


Mattapoisett Self Storage has got all of your self storage needs covered for when you’re ready to begin your own woodshop in your garage. Contact us today for the best storage unit prices!